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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hmm long time no write liao now str write 15 day d HCNY how i celebrate .

(Last last d)
today fuyo .Morning i wake up wakaka ANG PAU lai liao ..hehe then we eat tuan yuan fan then shuang liao we go popo house bai nian all jiu jiu at there .we get ang pao lo then got 1 relative let us take ang pau he say here got 10 ang pau each ang pau different money then until my turn (the last 3)when i take ... sei lo WTF why the any pau so heavy 1 .... sure all 1$ dolar ..when i see .... 30 $$ XD then after take all ang pau hehe we got 1 game is hide the money in the house anywhere u like than children go find XD after form 1 canot play LOL my biao mei dulan max cause she form 2 haha.than when game started i keep laugh keep sit at there . cause i play 石头剪刀布win liao got 1 dolar take (3game 2 win)wahaha got 1 ppl sot sot d keep play at there when game started then he get the most few money d. cause keep lost XD other ppl go find find find then find dao many (this call dai sei !XP) after this game we go pray god XD.
then go relative house bai bai bai bai until sot then bak home 1 day gone XD
Hmm today nothing to do cause my popo house relative balik kampung jor then go other relative house (my 奶妈house XD)go there drink beer wahaha! long time no drink then drink half lai yea... face red colour liao then go bak home CPU i coming then slp =P
wuho~ today still go relative house gogogogo until nite wakakaka go bak cpu agian ><
then this feww day any pao many liao hehe.!!
then slp
WAHAHAHA today my turn !!!!!! XD XD XD
today morning i go jusco wif wai seng he folo my car but not same group wif me NVM.
then we reach there fuyo many ppl go see until i sot jor then i go find my group take the movie tiket sin then sendiri alone go meet ppl (luan luan walk then keep see dao wai seng wif his GF wohu BNK d last time) then go cinema see movie 72 ....
wow sit bside Ching Yee and Mei Qi woho ...(the hole cinema can hear me n mei qi laugh at there XD)keeep laugh wahaha then after see movie go gai gai sendiri .. WTBB
u know i saw who I saw ker sin wif 1 aunty at bistro cafe XD WALAU when i go near them hi ker sin WTH yu ling lai d!!! like aunty WAHAHAH sry i also dowant d but i see u like aunty dono y pai seh!~!!!~!~!then we walk togather lol then i saw chung hwa friend then folo chung hwa friend jor ker sin yu ling u two sei zai keep folo me nia seng!!!~!then after they bak i alone ngam ngam hao wai seng them finish movie then we bak when my mum come fetch us haiz lppl agian not my false but i let scold (dowant say liao if u want know sendiri come ask me).then bak home dulan then slp
wahaha today i wan fuk wei ren liao nia seng SAN ZUO LAO LAO call me (wan say story liao)ME : halo.. (jus wake up ) Ren :Chee Ming a u now can come Jwen house ma
ME:Huh?Why o? Ren :cause no boy leh only me u come la . ME: wa i see sin later call u .Finish
then i str call my mum later free anot come bak fetch me go friend house
luckly mum argee then 55 go jwen house when then tell ren i got go .....when reach jwen house erm ...gwan fung where is wei ren LOL let him zadao GGL eatign breakfast wa......swt sei zai tipu me gwan fung gal meh...>then we go down 1 by 1 bak hehe.. then nite all HCNY that day go home play cpu then slp
Nothing talk because rest for tmr KL shopping XD
WAHAHAHA i go KL then i call jwen morning call me?u know wat time?6am ....speechless
then when me ask jwen out jor anot she say havent when i say out she say havent when i reach jor i ask her out edi ?she say reach liao WTBB.. then we go KL play play play fuyo first time play the dance machine wakaka so nicenext time go jusco i want play jor .XD then after finish lunch they say wan go time square then got ppl dowant go then they bak (......togather d ma why so fast bak gud meh...we also no mood edi la bak so fast..)then they bak jor we paly at the di di kei there wtf we saw 2 player ... play the basket ball deng 900 ++ WTBB geng lin dao ......then we bak home lol we too many ppl all luan luan go in d XD then bak home slp
Sunday (can say happy can say sad...)
Today morning we go king house the bet bet king havent cahnge the slping suit....walau nvm then we wait him long long time go eat the lppl d zu chang fen fuyo eat chicken more murah than the zu chang fen .......then go a yong house XD play dota gitar piano XDwhat also got ..... then go siao wen house when go my house drink wine WAHAHAHAHA xin heng shiock dao cause my mum lolz king chating wif my mum n dad!then we go jack ming n yi kang house lol xin heng kaman shoick dao agian WAHAHAHA like sor poh ...then we dicide camping at they house lol then we go ker sin house lol aunty say see bu dau see bu dau give me 1 more time ang bao XD then king fetch me n wen bak home ... then me slp wu jiao .... when after noon we go po po house eat dinner ....omg ... sad thing happen sien my grand pa pass away .....
then we stay at there ... many ppl cry ..........haiz...
my second my n singapor relative bak
then hole day at grand pa hosue
we send grand pa to other place jor then bak home ...
Holiday done nth at house play play play go popo house playplayplay bak home slp
zzz can go school d .... but need go pray grandpa then no go jor
go popo there say bye bye to my brother n singapor relative cause when bak jor ... cnt argue wif u 3 month agian ....sien then after they bak do sozai ...Wish u all this year last day HCNY ^^ study a don like me a i cnt folo edi ... help..
dam sien then do hw do until now keep eat magi mee msn keep write blog do until sien liao i also want slp le ^^ u all jia you a
still moody now ..add oil .

Post BY XIAO MING ....

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