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Friday, February 11, 2011

How i felling for U in words...=)

At here wwaiting for u ~
Be with you ~
Calls you jus to say 'HI'
Doesn't mind you shout at me~
Enivisions the whole of you~
Forever stand by you~
Gives you wat you needed~
Hope you enjoy you life~
I.... I LOVE YOU !
You jump ! i Jump too~
Keeps you close ar heart~
Learn to know you ~
Makes a difference in your life ~
Never makes you cry ~
Put you in my heart ~
Quiets your fears ~
Run With you ~
Sing a song for u ~
taciturn knight ~
Understand u ~
Values you ~
Walk beside u ~
XL love ~ (Big Big 1)
you'ra all the time so addictive ~ (FOR REAL)
Zeal for YOU ~ (DAY DAY u knw ?)
=) this is all my love discribe in A to Z for u
Hope u healthy and happy alwys every time><

Post By Chee Ming Y ~

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