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Saturday, September 11, 2010


jus kem bak few day but i feel time very rush ..... last sunday night i go wei ren house tidur cause he parent fetch us go kem (xue ji) then we slp liao 3 - 4hour we go the kem .....when inside the kem i saw the disiplin d comnite check our bag ... i start laugh him ..... he wan laugh but canot laugh then kek at there LOL!!
then at the kem leng lui few only sad only be cheat by ker sin.... and sei ker sin cheat me keep say she is killer ...... == ko lau yea.... nvm then the first day when i do leadder ,,... i very stress la .... cause .... my team like kayu d mayb i dono tat time ... when ply station that time wtf shock dao me ... they like brillian ... sot d alwys number 1 punya my team ... jus very silent la them ... then when the performance ... really got abit sad d cause all thing change suddently nvm ... when the time we go out do mission . i very appreciate the time leh... we blend togather and we how to finish the mission we are first group who out the kem and the last group masuk the kem d so yeng .. acctualy i dono y group 4 will get the best group lo first group also can ma ..smalll bee that group also ma .... dono ? ok then the last day we bak shuan dao ... can say i first time cry at camp la .. (cry out) haha mayb is first time do group leader ba ~ then when bak i think me n wei ren i the most geng d we ask king where are he then we meet them then we go studio dance !!! geng dao camp bak still got energy dance ~~ then we go bak hm sc woot like no need rest d ...the next day i slp dao late late then forgot kiing come fetch me go yam ca LOL then we go studio i saw xin heng dance NJ == jus litter bit only not more d sien but nice la no c b4 ma ~~then friday morning the first person i reach train station then wei ren then ....... then hui mei after qi liao start our journey XD shuang leh ... ..... then we bak then we go studion ...... no ppl come agian sien .... then saturday dance dance dance now today got out wif kiiing yam ca ~~ until now i wait for the next journey "genting" hehe and performance ..... then new bb studio =P an dthe last wait us blend togather ~~ hope all 5 di push up la + minyak all.

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  1. zzz !
    sei yea !
    why i see my name here de ?

  2. wa~~ u sure have a lot experience in camp~~~ tat's good! ^^ U grow up again~~haha^^

    NJ dance? O.O

    Right! we all gayau 2gether la! Have fun in dance! yoh! haha~ :D nitez~~~