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Thursday, February 4, 2010

erm really sad sien+ dulan

First Yesterday .... when i having bc subjek ... we do bc karangan nia seng when we start write ... i write wrong suddenly teacher come see my book .when i was borrow liquid macibai str slap me DMNCH pn wang DNMFH me borrow liquid la write wrong will die meh diu not slap 1 time wo u slap liao 又slap cibai .u make me dulan u d .but i didt F u only cause my posture.我忍你弄到我酱FISH在班上.... at the time i speeechless at class....all look at me .. den dulan until finsih school.....1 word sien ....

yea today morning at school (slp at table this is my 专长)then go SC period slp ....then when reset sei for eat too happy liao forget i got duty fuck off lo TMR sure let A Koh F lo .......nvm then finsih reset i go bak study when SV period WOHO all keep loud yea yea yea teacher no come then me str slp 40 minit so shuang until last period BM after school go eat ... then go AD there tuition let zi wei zd (Chee Ming ... me say wat ?SWT she say call shuang ...good 长大了^^)then bak home slp woho ... kaman u send earlier ma ... i slping that tim sry a...........at the last i also call her ^^.then i go on9 play play play very funny d i play with king then king sot liao...
(king play dao leave game)waHAHAHA!!!!!!!

haha GtG wan off liao bb~

Director > MMT owner (Xiao Ming )

wish u have a nice dream today ^^
.N ^^
..I ^^
...T ^^
....E ^^
.....Z ^^

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