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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 swt and funny day.............

Yesterday ....we already say hao liao who settle who do what thing d i jus join the student play..but..!!!!
when we at hall started play game with student 0o0 they call me go 主持 the game wa .....(pui pui pui pui pui )dulan at all u prepare liao call me go 主持 if u want me 主持 say earlier liao 0o0 .Dulan at all this day ...NVM shuan liao lucky i luan luan lai also can make student enjoy the game ..phew...

then after school we go tuition A math . Yea the teacher so cheat call us belanja him yam StarBug cofee...... geng this skill next time i teach student i also want use !Yeng! jus wirte a 0 that's all .
Then finish tuition me Ker Sin ,DerYin go dance when we go until the omega egg there we saw geng ... geng .... small ling oppesite us also going dance .Fuyo ! timing ngam ngam hao .Den me go short cut go the studio wahahahaha.
when i go inside the studio ... the song agian ...some ppl ...it out .and i dont .... out .then start dance dance dance until bak a yong do a fake thing like a sh dog (u want know what? sendiri go ask him better he sure laugh at there .)Then my parent fetch go other DAI CHAO eat dinner fuyo the fish o not eat d u help him take out the bone enough... all small bone lai d eat what...

then go back bath prepare tmr thing slp .

Today at school eh not bad when i go form 1 there wootz keep hear ppl call me xiao ming .........YEA! famous liao !!!lol Then bring them go hall .....having ceremah
haiz the satia what len make the time rush ! forget call him stop jor keep say say say at there..then after recess
we introduce us self haha i say(ok good morning every 1 my chines name is ... eng name is.... melay name is ....india have think i study 4C but want change class le .i got play msn online game many many if u want find me go msn find me ba thx. )
then we teach them how to use tie .... me teach = no teach ....then we go introduce whole school to them .....introduce also will trafic jam d...then after finish walk whole school they go bak class .Fuyo !!!!! got ppl come want my msn walau so shuang at the time shuang dao bao !!!!! then i go chemistri room when we jus go in (WHERE THE FISH!)ring .......really zadao then i go home ...
Then my DG RANGER up 1 lvl liao yea shuang !

Dowant say what liao got many thing forget jor .... if u feel not see enough? see down V

....go write your self lo ..........day day can see

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