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Monday, January 11, 2010

Today dono y shuang dao feel so happy!

Today fuyo was a funny day i also dono y i so lucky...first i need to thx my parent they send to this school second i need to thx my friend .if no them i cannot change class .SO THX MY DAR DAR LING!!!!!!

ok at the morning i go to school i say where are they (a few friend in my class)
change class liao lu wait u meh (SH only wait u right?)WTF.....then nvm i go see the paper woot i want change to DAMAI class she give me EHSAN nia seng .......0o0.....shuan lo also canot change liao then 任命吧then i go EHSAN study wuhu.... my class at BILIK KULIA AIR CORN WAHAHAHA shuang then i sit bside brandon we keep chat about dance d thing WE say liao at chan wa find a crew HEHEHE hope can so ..
then after recess i saw YONG VEI come my class call SIEW LI and SIAO LING change class with her either 1 change there say now change? YONG VEI SAY no ... want ask EN TAI C K first see can anot ... then two also dowant wahaha then YONG VEO dulan then i go keep say give me give me i help u . XD . then ok lo when we go inside the PEJABAT (hell gate) i ask YONG VEI ... ei got how many % we can change leh... WTH YONG VEI SAY 0.01%......cause many ppl canot change..we start 发抖jor... then we tell EN tai then EN TAI ask ask ask sien ask dao no thing ask jor he tak boleh tahan he call PN WO then folo he go teacher pejabat wahahaha then the go in a room chat chat chat chat result come out WE CAN CHANGE CLASS !!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA me and YONG VEI KEEP SAY YES YES YES YES then i say the siew li sure bang the head to the hall SAI SEI say dowant la.......then we go 2 class form teacher tell me we can change ... teacher give jor 1 belive 1 dont belive ... want me go take the paper give teacher write only blive ............. sien . sien dao bao haiz past liao nvm also can go DAMAI XD .then we study until 2.40 we bak home .. open cpu .. see movie msn chat until now lol like no need rest d me so yeng .!!! want LEARNT? ok CALL ME i will teach u HP number is 0166801192 dont save wrong pls. .. ...
eh no thing say liao BB nitez
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