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Monday, January 4, 2010

.......Sa Lin day

Today first day open school ma right?
all not then happy d lo
but me very dulan ...................
when we after 周会we stay at hall nia seng!!!!!!!! She give me go pakej C wo
CB i chose pakej D u give me C kao l meh.!!!!!!!!
o 0 o
Nvm then when 2.00 pm wtf agian the paper say 2.40 only bak got 1 period again .
MCB use my hp call my mum
Suddendly all student say bak la bak la Nia Seng agian .......

.............i call bak my mum no need fetch me jor i folo aunt car (WHERE THE FISH?)

then bak home i get a GOOD NEWS !!!!
He get dao sushi WAITER JOB not bad 1 month 900 +++$$$
gud gud gud nice!!!!! Dont forget belanja me yam ca when bak (i want go MMT de A!XD)

today d lucky not bad la
give me 90 ++%

Post by Happy MMT owner

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