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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sux + funny d u all and me

Today ........... 1 word discribe SIEN at school D BnK room slp 3 period ........ like p...then finsih school go tuition .... wa talk dao tuition really du kao lan lo . when at arrive i put my thing at there then i go out eat .... MCB when i bak my thing at the last table CB CB CB moral abit la ... then i str go bside gwan fung there sit deng teacher give me the chair so yeng ... make me pain 2 hour .. the chair spoil d .
!@#$%^&* when finish jor i go bak home first thing is ? Slp agian this time SWT lo slp until no time until my mum angry..... SRY i also dowant d cause too tired jor..then when go tuition 4 ppl C me ... so early ...then i go tuition there first we start listen teach after teacher go teach other clss d ppl fuyo i want TQ u 2 haha thx A today i learn many thing of u 2 and another ppl LMK did u cut your bao pi?LOL!!!!!!SRY a i dono u right d haha.then when i bak mum n dad fetch me fuyo!!! TMR got meeting club INT woho first time haha shuang ! then go bak MSn + on9 +see blog but i today i see dao many blog also sad d...... then i togather sad ..... haiz y u all awlys sad d come learn me la Hapy Ma if not hapy why i cre8 happy MMT jus wan u all Happy Alwys la so 多一点来我的部落格看,看liao就会开心liao咯 哎哟(xin heng teach me d this word).

NiteZ all ^^

Post by MMT owner (Xiao Ming )

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