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Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Four Day

this four day a?.....erm go study tuition dance ............ until today stay at house clean house wan New Year jor 55 clean jor then can rest XD.

Last Thursday~
when i after school me melvin ... (fren)go opesite school eat thing then we saw ker sin siao deryin zi wei them too when eating ...nvm i tot them go english tiution then when we finish eat we go our malay tuition when we reach the house we need take the shoe go inside the house then my fren KFC call me help him take thing first then he take bak ...when they all go inside liao MACI he dowant take bak o then i wait lo THEN AD say: semua sudah mari ? then he close door
after he close until half he look dao me liao ... he ei satu lagi ..... me str dulan ...... then when i go in WHERE THE FISH der yin zi wei grace they got tuition AN SHUANG liao abit then after finish go bak home online then slp like a pig YEA 1 day .


Last Friday~
This day very shuang ! shuang dao bao first when we finish school we go 4 Bestari wait KING come fetch us then we go 4 B dance LOL ..then KING lai fetch us liao HEHEEHE we go MMT teh halia satu ,tosi satu XD haha ..then Xin Heng sms me she cant come lol call teacher go fetch him haiz sad she dowant blive we can fetch her .....sad..nvm ker sin give me her thing at school then we fetch siao wen ker sin jack ming go ban hiong lau sin then funny thing liao
we go to the THE STORE back there to Metodis ... wtf remember at THE STORE there 1 way only right?only can go right ma .. FUYO the SH king go left wa ......... i ask him here can go d meh u know what he say? soli forget 1 way .......ZADAO then we stop at there king call me call them come here when we saw they come liao WA i sot liao...........Xin Heng sit LEFT Kaman sit Right then A yong at there say SH thing jor.......then dance dance dance after dance go bak home then go tuition when i arrive tution EH..... i am the second last ppl WAHAHAHAHA then i saw many shoe at out side i go inside then i go near the door........SHIOCK !!!! Chee Leong?? NVM walk in SHIT Wai Seng TOO nvm when i go inside door ...FUCK FEI KEI daugther also go tuition walao me HI LIAO then after tuition my brother fetch me when i go inside the car .........he say WTF why they got come here tuition? then when wai seng saw us my brother str give him a middle finger to him LOL ..then go bak house on9 slp .... finish !@#$%^&*()

Saturday (Yesterday)
Yesterday morning i go tuition when i finish tuition me n ker sin go dance .aunty class so geng TLC !!!!! YENG YENG DAO BAO !!!!... then Ker Sin wan go eat KFC d but mumi dont give .....then when we finish teaching we dance sendiri
wtf Ker Sin mum come studio call her me sa lin liao then then talk at there dono talk what .... Ker Sin come bak n smile say i can go KFC eat jor.LOL all sot liao when we go the new build KFC there havent go inside we already like jus finish bath .....hot dao then we meet Chung Hua there they CLB teacher Birthday in there....mayb tat's the last day i saw them .... if got 缘分sure can meet them at any where (天涯海角).then we go bak studio teach children class then HEHE today A yong teach i be his Assitant teacher haha help the children got 1 XIAO DIDI new come d wow not bad 1 day learnd 2 dance geng like him .then when finish class we change liao not go MMT liao we go down there d DAI CHAO pangil seng zuo mai and fok kin min XD not bad Nice!
then go back home on9 then play unitl 4 am .... go slp like a pig ..

today i slp like a pig 11 . am only wake up hehehe when i wake up WOOT my mum brother all go cleaning house my house like lap sap (me like wake up at lap sap dui....@@)then we clean clean clean clean 2 hour ++ finish jor HEHE then mumy fetch us go eat NGA BO chicken RICH hehe then go bak home be pig agian (slp). then when i wake up .... WTH 4.30 pm ++ i the cut hair aunt call me 3.30 ++ go sei lo i str call her tell her i late jor then i go out room walau siok Wai Yien and Wai Seng at my Cpu room then i go cut hair liao after me bak ngam ngam hao i play game with wa seng haha A noob game also can win dono Y (cause i too pro gua XD joking) then i see ONE PIECE new 1. YEA say dao want go lvl 4 jor yeng ! then until my brother use then i go room sms then he call me come out i say give me 1 minit ....... when i go to CPU room woot why can play PS 1 d game d?haha then until now i write the blog that's all i hapen in this FOUR DAY hehe got funny got zadao got dulan too .. so
Happy Was the most la my title also got write lo
New Year liao Wish u all Happy Awlys 99

Post by MMT owner (Xiao Ming).NiteZ~

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