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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day i looking for that..

looking for that moment..........
looking for the time ..........
looking for the .........

TMR ..........


HaHa tmr is my Birthday
this time special when i know my K-StyleR group + fren clb wif me & today my big family clb wf me too!!!! i was spechless at this moment cause i happy until cant talk ...i jus can say thx .... but i was sad our B&K comitte Haffizi ...... next tuesday he go other school study le ..........== hope he can come bak ....anywhere Hafizi u are a study ren cai wish u go there can get many new friend and study very geng get geng geng d mark XD .AND the most important is get 1 gf at there pls !!!! dont sok liao XD

talk bak my birthday sin 离题jor XP..erm if any 1 want clb wif me haha call me XD .tmr night we got go eat steam boat ... today night i also got clb i u want go go my po po house i eat pizza HAHA my say no need clb until so 隆重 haha then gud he say buy somthing and give me ang pao gud!!

haha wish tmr d steam boat will very shuang !!! and .......... nth..

k later i will write agian d now is too happy liao write out sin

see YA

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